Bing’s New Chat GPT

Bing’s New Chat GPT

Is Microsoft taking over the world?

Google has always been known to be the number one search engine. However, news flash, that might change. Microsoft has gone a step ahead at developing the latest artificial intelligence technology.

On Tuesday, the 7th of February 2023, Microsoft unleashed a new version of its Bing search engine. It incorporates the language behind the ChatGPT, an AI system for conversational responses. Bing now is an AI-powered co-pilot for the web. It is able to deliver search results that include information from OpenAI.

Bing’s new chat window will be able help deliver shopping lists, travel advices, and trivia games. The technology also is built into Microsoft’s Edge browser, where it is able to perform tasks such as summarizing PDFs and generating LinkedIn posts.  Microsoft would like for the AI technology to grow in assisting people everywhere, whether on Word or spreadsheets, the vision doesn’t end on Bing only.

The AI computer is going to be mediated with an “agent helping”. The agent is said to be there across every application. In the coming weeks, Microsoft plans to offer everyone a preview version and a mobile version. This will basically be like the closest friend anyone could ask for. There will be many features that will make life easy for most people.

This technology is a major new development for the search business. Google has worked to blend more answers into its results, but that pales in comparison to what new AI technology can offer. The chat technology based on large language offers vastly more complex answers and information. However, Microsoft is about to change that.

 This new technology is said to reinvent the way people use the web. Its biggest tool is to look across the web, pulling all the collections that it has and synthesizing the answer. Making life easier for most people. Now instead of having to read carefully and look for the answer yourself, this technology does that for you. The AI power basically supplies a summary of what is being searched. Searchers are even able to ask the AI a follow up question. The system is able to turn complex questions into conversational answers.  The co-pilot can even find companies that are hiring and it is able to assist you write cover letters as well.

The owner of Microsoft, has promised citizens that the AI system will not generate anything that is bias or harmful. For example, asking the web how to rob a bank. The system will not produce any answers for that search because it doesn’t believe in harmful content. It is always good for us to keep in mind that nothing is perfect. So let’s embrace the change and see how it can work out for all of us.

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