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Wao Host requires a minimum of 30 days notice for our hosting services and 4 months notice for all our SEO or Digital Marketing Services.

Services Cancellation Form Wao Host (Pty) Ltd is a registered Website Development and Hosting Company based in Johannesburg. We certainly provide professional Affordable Website Design, Web Development. As well as Digital Marketing, and Hosting Services in South Africa and across the globe. Furthermore, Wao Host combines state of the art web technologies with its dedicated developers. In order to provide you with excellent web design and hosting solutions.

Wao Host excels in providing quality services and valuable experiences for clients. We certainly focus on analyzing the needs of clients and businesses to create solutions for them. We take each project and handle it through a different approach with creativity and passion. Additionally, we conduct research for the client’s brand and products before starting the design pattern. At  Wao Host, we do not only focus on creating something that looks great. But also that delivers results for you as well so you get the best of both worlds. So you can trust us when it comes to Affordable Website Design.

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