Looking for affordable website design packages?  WAO Host is certainly a full-service website design company based in Johannesburg. We certainly specialize in Website Design, Digital Marketing, and also Comprehensive Communication Solutions. WAO Host certainly builds beautiful and well-designed websites that are professional in design and superior in quality. Most importantly, our website design packages also focus on creating a greatly effective marketing tool.


R2850 Regularly R2950 CALL ME BACK
  • 1 Page Scroll Business Website
  • Responsive Website Package
  • FREE Basic SEO
  • FREE Search Engine Submission
  • Order To eMail Added
  • Products Gallery Included
  • Advertising Slides Included Included
  • 1-2 Weeks Estimated Time
  • R24/7 Free Hosting Support


R4499 Regularly R4699 CALL ME BACK
  • 1- 6 Pages Starter Website
  • Responsive Website Included
  • FREE Basic SEO
  • FREE Search Engine Submission
  • Order To eMail Added
  • Product Gallery Included
  • Advertising Slides Included Included
  • 1-2 Weeks Estimated Time
  • R24/7 Free Support


R5980 Regularly R6299 CALL ME BACK
  • 1- 8 Web Pages Fully Optimised
  • Responsive Website Included
  • Orders To eMail Included
  • SUBMISSIONS To major Search Engines
  • Product Gallery Included
  • Advertising Slides Included Included
  • 1 - 2 Weeks Estimated Time
  • R24/7 Hosting Support

Marketing tools that certainly create leads and ultimately convert leads into clients. And with our dedicated staff, ‘one-on-one’ approach to service you are certainly always in the loop and part of the process regarding all your digital marketing avenues. So, we are certainly an inspired team that puts passion into each and every project we take on with the most responsive web design packages. Within the digital agency world, things move fast and we revel in keeping up with, and also surpassing the industry standard. So come to WAO Host one of the best web design companies Johannesburg has to offer.

Also, on a monthly basis, we do extensive research. Making sure that you and also your brand is also running ahead of the competition. From Big Businesses to startups, we can certainly offer an ideal package to suit your business’s needs. Whether you have platform-specific requirements or you need an all-inclusive solution. We are certainly here to make sure you are receiving the most innovative and cost-effective advantage. At WAO Host we offer a Gold Package, Platinum Package, SEO Website design, and also E-commerce package.

Optimized Website Designs Packages in Johannesburg

 From corporate giants to startups. Professional website development is extremely important for every business. The quality of your website design can draw visitors to your website, or drive them away. Therefore hiring the right website design company is something that no business should ignore. We offer website design services in Johannesburg so that caters to your desired audience.

Our Experienced web designers in Johannesburg and graphic designers will certainly provide your site with a simple and easy to use search interface.  So if you’re going to need a webpage design sometime soon, good website design is extremely important. Don’t let yourself mistake a cheap web design service for a good deal – you get what you pay for.

So it’s worth it to make sure that you’re working with a top-quality web design company in Johannesburg and South Africa. Best website design services give companies and certainly businesses excellent search engine visibility. We certainly develop websites that are fully optimized for search engine visibility.

Get traffic on your website

Say for example; a client is looking to rank for the keyword website design Johannesburg. We optimized the client’s website for the keyword web design Johannesburg for Google search results and other search engines.

This means that when potential clients search for the service keyword website design Johannesburg, the client website will also appear in the search engine results page for the keyword website design Johannesburg. Furthermore, the keyword website design Johannesburg targets two sets of markets; users searching for website design and local market when users search for website design “Johannesburg”.

In addition, the keyword website design Johannesburg return results for LSI keywords such as web design Johannesburg and website development Johannesburg. To make sure we maximize ranking for our clients the keywords they wish to rank for such as web design Johannesburg.

Our experienced content writers also make sure that the content is of good quality and targets the keyword web design Johannesburg. So this is important for you and for the audience you want to reach.

Why Clients Like Our Affordable Web Design Packages?

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We boast a wide range of web design experience and excellence giving clients the best web design and maintenance services in Johannesburg.


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Reliable and professional website design companies Johannesburg offer affordable website design packages and quality website design services.

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A competent web design company should be able to offer the following: Logos designs, website hosting, online marketing and maintenance.

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Affordable Web design Packages

WAO Host offers affordable website design packages Johannesburg. We aim to beat every quote of all website design companies in Johannesburg.

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There are no limitations of which countries to provide the website design services to. We have the manpower to attend to all clients globally.

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The services of custom website designers are essential to give your online business website the right start. Our creative website designers think out of the box.